Mead & Cheese Platter

Mead adds a unique seasonal touch to any meal, but at Thanksgiving there are so many ways to accentuate the day of gratitude and feasting with mead. Here are some suggestions…


As guests arrive and come in from the cold, start them off with a seasonal cocktail to warm them up!  Our Honeygirl Mulled Cider recipe (below), featuring our Honey Chai Mead, will certainly do the trick.  With notes of cinnamon, cardamom and clove, Honey Chai is the perfect Fall drink to warm you up from the inside.


Time for a little light snacking before the main event.  While your turkey is roasting, keep your guests appeased with some small bites!  Our Hibiscus Lemonthyme Mead is a perfect dry herbal mead to start your night and will enhance the palate for courses that follow.  Its earthy, floral, and light honey notes pair perfectly with a cheese plate or some light hor d’oeuvres.


Our semi-sweet traditional Orange Blossom Mead is the perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving dinner.  The smooth, silky honey flavor and balanced acidity complements roasted turkey and buttery mashed potatoes.  A versatile mead, our Orange Blossom will go with all your favorite holiday dishes.


Whether you prefer pumpkin, pecan or apple pie, the orange and vanilla notes of our Vanilla Mead will accentuate the comfort of autumnal spices in any Thanksgiving dessert. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use our Vanilla Mead in your baking recipes.


After dinner light a fire in the fireplace then relax and sip on a glass of our two-year aged Wildwood Mead. The bold oak and deep dark honey notes of the mead have the perfect balance for your parting glass.  Slowly sip this mead and savor the day!


Always remember to bring a gift for your Thanksgiving host!  Any bottle of our hand-crafted Honeygirl Mead will spark creative pairing ideas and conversation, and show your appreciation for honeybees and locally sourced ingredients!

Mulled Chai Cider


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